AMA® Pipe Bridge Stand

AMA® Pipe Bridge Stand

(Product code 6500)

The AMA Pipe Bridge Stands with stainless steel ball rollers make it easier to push and rotate a pipe in the pipe bridge stand. The pipe is lifted above the brackets with the AMA Pipe Bridge Stands, which allow it to roll smoothly on the stainless steel ball rollers. Easy and convenient, isn’t it?

This is how the AMA Pipe Bridge Stand works:

  • AMA® Pipe bridge stands are attached and firmly tightened to the beams of the pipe bridge. The number of stands needed depends on the length of the pipe.
  • A safety strap is wrapped around the beam and both ends of the strap are attached to the pipe bridge stand. A safety strap must always be used to secure the attachment of the stand to the pipe bridge.
  • The stand can be used with beams with a thickness of 80 – 300 mm.
  • The handwheel is turned to lift the ball roller part of the pipe bridge stand above the pipe bracket.
  • The pipe can be moved inside the pipe bridge on the ball rollers of the pipe bridge stands.
  • When welding the pipe, the pipe can be rotated on the pipe bridge stands inside the pipe bridge.
  • Finally, the pipe is lowered onto the pipe brackets by turning the handwheel, and the AMA® Pipe Bridge Stand is removed.

Technical information:

  • Weight: approx. 12 kg
  • Suitable for the pipe diameters: 15 -720 mm
  • Ball-rollers: 30 mm stainless steel ball-rollers
  • Load capacity of one AMA® Pipe Bridge Stand: 380 kg