AMA Roller® Pipe rotator wireless control

AMA Roller® Pipe rotator with wireless control

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AMA Roller® Pipe rotator with wireless control

(Product code 7070)

The patented AMA Roller® is supplied mounted on AMA’s A pipe stand and is suitable for both prefabrication and on-site use.

New Bluetooth wireless control allows you to weld even up to 25 meters away from the AMA Roller® pipe rotator! Wireless control reduces the number of wires on site and now the rotation speed control can be selected either by foot pedal or manually from the control knob on the control unit!

The device rotates pipes at the desired speed and the welder doesn’t have to constantly change positions. The AMA Roller® pipe rotator streamlines work in many phases:

  • Easier, faster welding and assembling tack welding (no interruptions, seam resembles a robot weld)
  • Easy to handle long pipes with wireless control
  • Facilitates cutting with an angle grinder
  • Quicker cleaning of back welds and brushing of stainless steel seams
  • Suitable for all manual welding methods: MIG, MAG, covered electrode arc welding, and TIG
  • Enables welding of difficult materials in one ergonomic position
  • Quick-release fastener for easy fastening / removal from AMA’s A pipe stand

Benefits of AMA Roller®

Significantly improves the quality of welded seams

Difficult materials can be welded in one ergonomic position

Minimizes differences in skill levels between individuals

Labor productivity grows

Makes the welder’s work more enjoyable

Enables MIG/MAG welding of pipes

Technical specifications

  • Suitable for pipe diameters from 30 to 508 mm
  • Weight 23 kg (+ pipe stand A 33 kg)
  • Maximum rotating load 30 Nm
  • Nominal voltage 220/230 V 
  • Current 0.9 A, frequency 50/60 Hz, power 100 W 
  • Maximum rotation speed 1.25 m/min
  • Patented and CE-marked
  • Bluetooth connection between the device and the control unit
  • USB-C charging socket on the control unit (charger included)
  • Control unit battery : Li-Ion, 3,7V/3300mAh

Useful features

Suitable for pipe diameters from 30 mm to 508 mm

Easy to move thanks to the rear wheels

The AMA Roller can be assisted by AMA´s B pipe stands, depending on the length of the pipe

Wireless foot pedal control with Bluetooth connection

The rotation speed can be adjusted either by foot pedal or speed control knob

Manufactured in Finland

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