Customer experience:

“Industrial Piping and Coded Welding: Experts Prefer the Best Tools”

Key Component in Industrial Piping: Expertise and Experience

With over 20 years of experience in constructing various energy systems, we specialize in the installation and welding of industrial pipes. Starting my career in 2005, I encountered portable AMA® Pipe Stands at different job sites. Using them myself, I realized their simplicity and high utility.

First Investment in AMA® Rotating Stands

Around 2008, we made our first purchase of these pipe stands for the company. At that time, it was an investment we didn’t analyze much for ROI or alternatives. We simply acquired the equipment widely used in the industry.

Expansion of AMA Products

Over recent years, AMA has expanded its product line, and we gladly continue to purchase them.

Examples of AMA Tools

1.Centering Collars: These tools are straightforward, but in practice, our installers noticed that the greatest pressure occurs where the ring is cut, meaning the pressure isn’t evenly distributed. While some see this as a drawback, our team has adapted and uses this to their advantage, particularly when joining oval bends or pipes of different thicknesses.

2.AMA Roller® Pipe Rotators: Initially unimpressive in a catalog, seeing them in action changed our perspective. We purchased our first unit and are learning to integrate it into our processes.

Simplicity, Precision, and Durability

All tools we buy for industrial pipe assembly aim to simplify and speed up the process. AMA® tools are known for their simplicity, precision, and durability, requiring minimal maintenance.

– Simplicity: No explanation needed, just look at it.

– Precision: Precision and repeatability are crucial and well-engineered in these tools

Return on Investment in Industrial Piping

Calculating exact ROI can be tricky as it varies per contractor. However, on average, I believe that in the industrial piping sector, the payback period is 2-3 months for every €1000 invested in AMA® tools.

Adaptation from the First Use

I’ve noticed that even those resistant to change quickly adapt to AMA tools. These simple yet highly effective tools are highly recommended.

– Ilja Arhi – Ceo –